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Labour and Social Relations Journal

Dear Colleagues!

THE LABOUR AND SOCIAL RELATIONS JOURNAL has been published by the Academy of Labor and Social Relations since 1990. At present, its output amounts to six issues a year. The page count of one issue is 10 author’s sheets. There are more than 160 scientific articles publishing per year. 

THE JOURNAL focuses on publishing scientific materials in economics, law and sociology embracing the whole variety of labor, socio-economic and associated relationships. The Journal’s particular attention is given to the coverage of trade-union activities, relations between workers and work-givers, and labor market regulation.

THE JOURNAL is included in the list of VAK (Higher Attestation Commission) publications (ISSN 2073-7815), and, therefore, materials published in the Journal count during defense of theses for Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in economics, law and sociology.

THE JOURNAL is also listed in the Russian Science Citation Index.

WE ARE INVITING scholars, experts, D.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates and external academic degree aspirants to cooperate with the Journal.

The Editors,
Labor and Social Relations Journal

Publisher: ATiSO Information and Publishing Center (Lobachevsky St., 90, building 2, Moscow, 119454)

Contact information:
The editorial board of the Labor and Social Relations journal
Editor in Chief - Polina Ananchenkova
Tel. / Fax: (499) 739-63-04, journal-atiso@atiso.ru